The Levin Foundation | “Sillons” (Creases) | YOSEF JOSEPH DADOUNE | ESPACE RICHAUD, VERSIALLES
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07 10 – 03 12 2017


Curated by: Isabelle Bourgeois


Scenography: Doron von Beider


The 6th edition of “Nuit de la creation”, an urban contemporary art walk held by the City of Versailles on October 7, 2017, will profile work by artist Joseph Dadoune. As a guest artist, he is invited to engage with students from the School of Fine Arts of Versailles, preside over the selection committee for the projects exhibited on October 7, and present a selection of recent pieces at Espace Richaud, a recently inaugurated show space. Alongside his monumental “Black Kiosk”, three series will be exhibited: “Tars”, “Impossible Calendars” and “Flowers / After War”, providing a complete panorama of Dadoune’s artistic practices and concerns, and at the artist’s initiative, entering into dialogue with pieces from the FRAC Ile-de-France collections by artists like Geneviève Asse, Camille Henrot, Eugène Leroy, Aurélie Nemours, Jean Michel Sanjouand, Jean Michel Othoniel and Helen Mirra.


At their core, the works by Joseph Dadoune (born in 1975) are about challenging and overcoming boundaries –those that divide East from West, central power from peripheral power, or the imaginary from the real. In this confluence of video, photography, architecture and drawing, his research combines artistic practice, social activism and metaphysical thinking. His most striking pieces include the film Sion (2006-2007), produced by the Louvre Museum and starring actress Ronit Elkabetz; Impossible Calendars (2013), exhibited at the Museum of Tel Aviv during its celebration of 100 years of Dada; and more recently, Protective Barriers, a group of autobiographical war drawings published by Éditions Arnaud Bizalion. He will be the guest artist of the City of Versailles’ “Nuit de la Création” in October 2017, where he will present a selection of works under the title “Sillons” (Creases).