The Levin Foundation | Selected Works
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Selected Works

Shalom Sebba, Lovers at Night, 1947

Landau Sigalit, Sheep Head, 2005

Amon Yariv, Untitled, 2011

Nes Adi, Untitled 2012, Color Print

Platinic Michel , After Francies Baikon, Video Art

Amir Nave The Body is a Bag of Needs, 2017. Oil and graphite on Canvas. 240 X 260 cm

Amir Shefet, Shkirha, 160X200cm, oil on canvas

Gaston, Zvi, Disengagement, Ruins and The Israeli Flag in 2006, photograph

Levanon, Mordecail, Abuhab Synagogue in Safed, watercolor on paper 1964

Krize, Yehiel, Landscape, gouache on canvas

Litvinovsky, Pinhas, Man and Woman, oil on canvas early 1940’s

Roth, Leo, Purim Mask, oil on canvas 1950’s